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Woolen gloves with cashmere Frozen City

Woolen gloves with cashmere Frozen City

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Gloves made of 90% merino wool and 10% cashmere, made in the Czech Republic, packed in a gift box.


90% merino wool 10% cashmere


The gloves are packed in a gift box with the Exquisiv logo.


palm length
(from the wrist to the end of the middle finger)
S - up to 17 cm
M - up to 20 cm
L - up to 22 cm
XL - over 23 cm

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Main advantages of wool gloves

  • natural material without chemical treatments
  • flexible/stretch glove
  • fits well on different types of handsglove can be used on both hands (left to right)
  • good insulation against moisture
  • hygroscopicity - wool insulates well against cold, even when wet
  • heat - dry heat

Special properties

unlike standard gloves on the market, our glove is designed and manufactured
with regard to the real anatomical shape of the human hand. The thumb is shaped
anatomically towards the palm of the glove, which does not create “folds” and the
glove properly encloses the hand. Another adjustment is for the little finger –
the little finger is placed on the hand a little lower than the other fingers,
our glove takes this anatomical element into account, and the little finger is
placed lower on the glove than the other fingers.

Suitablemaintenance method

  • Wash the gloves by hand by squeezing in a detergent bath at a maximum temperature of
  • After washing, rinse them several times in clean lukewarm water. 
  • Drain the gloves gently by squeezing – without twisting. 
  • Spread the wet gloves on a flat surface, carefully level them in their original shape, and allow them
    to dry slowly.

We strongly recommend the above method of maintenance