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Czech manufacturer, no import from China.
Our clothing contains up to 14% of silver weight.
  We use silver FIBRE, we do not use silver IONS.

Silver fibre is visible to the naked eye and cannot be washed. Silver fibre is effective all the time, even when our product loses its value as clothing; it still will be antibacterial and can be used for killing bacteria - e.g. if you put it in shoes overnight.

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  Silver ions are not visible to the naked eye and their number and effectiveness decrease by washing. When using a product with ions, it is not possible to determine at a particular moment whether it is still effective.  
Our products are tested according to valid EN ISO standards in accredited laboratories in the European Union.
Our clothing with silver is unique; it uses antibacterial (supportive treatment in case of problems with mycosis), fungicidal and virucidal properties of pure silver to the maximum.
Our clothing with silver is successfully tested for mechanical properties and electrostatic properties (conductive for touch screens - our gloves work in the case of control as a second skin).
All our products with silver meet the highest hygienic standard and are prescribed for the antiseptic programme of 60°C.
Our products meet the standard for contact with foodstuff.
We own the patent and protected design for our products.