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Men's antibacterial Silvernite® boxers Condor

Product code: cz-uwcondor-dn-s SKU manufacturer: 8595091405299
  • 94% cotton, 6% elastane 
  • front section – 14% Silver and 86% Microfibre 
  • high antibacterial effect – especially evident during infections caused by bacteria
  • odour elimination
  • highly functional material gives you an exceptional feeling of comfort and intimate hygiene
  • testing according to EN ISO regulations
  • hight wear comfort
  • permeability and breathability – comfortable even during summer months
  • may be washed repeatedly in the washing machin
€ 46.67 with VAT
€ 38.57

Detailed Description

  • Underwear contains 14% pure silver. Silver is on the outside of the microfibre yarn; microfibre is the material of the future, it is pleasant to the body, soft, easy-to-wash and withstands many wash cycles. Bactericidal effects tested in an Accredited Laboratory according to EN ISO 20743 – Klebsiella pneumoniae (3.39), Staphylococcus aureus (5.96). Antibacterial effect > 3 = STRONG.
  • Our underwear will give you comfort and a pleasant feeling during normal wear or when you engage in sports activities. The front section. or wedge, contains 14% pure silver. Strong antibacterial effects ensure superb hygiene, prevents the development of bacteria and suppresses unpleasant odours.
  • Underwear may be washed repeatedly in a washing machine – synthetics or microfibre settings.

Men's functional Silvernite® boxers are made based on a long-proven cut designed for sports swimwear. Comfortable fit together with a woven elastic band at the waist gives you free movement in any situation – work or sports performance, including a feeling of safety and full protection.

Men's Silvernite® boxers with front antibacterial part

  • Wide rubber band at the waist
  • Rear section without seams
  • Front section – 14% pure silver guarantees perfect intimate hygiene
  • Black colour without print
Size Waist
M 77-83
L 83-90
XL 90-97
XXL 97-105



Carrying for Silvernite® product

  • product may be machine washed. Do not exceed 40°C
  • use soft washing agents with no whitening action
  • product is made of soft fabric. Avoid sharp objects and rough surfaces
  • made in the Czech Republic

If you observe these instructions you will enjoy our product for many years to come and will always appreciate the Silvernite® brand.

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