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Merino Adventure Socks

Merino Adventure Socks

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Knitted warm merino wool socks, made in the Czech Republic, packed in a gift box.


100% Merino wool


The socks are packed in a gift paper box with the Exquisiv logo.

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Merino socks Adventure

  • fits well on different foot types
  • knitted with seamless technology
  • very dense and thick, weighing up to 120 grams
  • extremely elastic - Superelastic™, one size covers all sizes
  • natural material without chemical treatments
  • good insulation against moisture
  • hygroscopicity - wool insulates well against the cold, even when damp
  • warmth - dry heat

Detailed description

The robust woolen knitted fabric of these gloves is modified and compacted using a special technology to increase its thermal insulation performance and resistance to penetration of cold wind and loose snow. At the same time, the glove remains breathable from the inside and thus prevents excessive sweating of the palms, thus preventing the creation of an environment for the multiplication of bacteria on the skin, which further strengthens the natural antibacterial properties of sheep wool.
Schoeller pure wool yarn used, from which these gloves are made, meets the world’s strictest Swiss environmental standard bluesign.

Suitable maintenance method

  • Wash the socks by hand by squeezing in a detergent bath at a maximum temperature of
  • After washing, rinse them several times in clean lukewarm water. 
  • Drain the socks gently by squeezing – without twisting. 
  • Spread the wet socks on a flat surface, carefully level them in their original shape, and allow them
    to dry slowly.

We strongly recommend the above method of maintenance