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GDPR - Personal Data Protection

GDPR - Personal Data Protection

Basic information:


Company ID: 01652265

Based in: Rašínova 103/2, 602 00 Brno, Czech republic

The Company is incorporated in the Commercial Register managed by the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, File 78948

Store operator and supplier of goods – seller:



Company ID: 01652265

Tax ID: CZ01652265

Based in: Rašínova 103/2, 602 00 Brno, Czech republic

incorporated in the Commercial Register managed by the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, File 78948


Bank details: 1115352/0100

Data box: ejyupyx

The GDPR is valid and binding as of 1 December 2020.


The Seller complies with legal regulations when processing personal data, specifically the general EU directives on the protection of personal data. Personal data are only processed within the scope of the specific service or purpose of processing.

MIROTEX s.r.o. is the data controller of the personal data you have provided to MIROTEX s.r.o., or which the Seller obtained to fulfil one or several purposes.

We only process data necessary for the provision of our professional services and comfortable operation, and in order to comply with our legal obligations and to protect our legitimate interests. In particular, we collect data on the users of our products, including prospective clients who are interested in our products.

We process the following data, in particular:

Basic data: identification data, that is, name and surname, gender, date of birth, place of residence, representation of your signature, company identification number, place of business; the company identification number is collected to the extent stipulated by law.

Contact data: e-mail, address of your profile on social networks, telephone number

We process your data to the extent required for the respective purpose.  The following categories fall in the purposes of data processing:

  • Client’s identification and authentication: it is required to know the basic data required by the law on money laundering.
  • Preparation of a contract at the Buyer’s request: we only collect and process data required for our draft contract, that is, name and surname, contact data
  • Use of products and services: The Buyer’s data are processed by the Seller upon the order of goods. This concerns basic data, data on products and services, and geolocation data.

How long do we keep data for?

We only keep the data for a time that is strictly necessary.  We keep them for a period of 10 years with respect to the archiving obligation, the duty of care and due diligence, and for another period of 10 years with respect to the legal limitation period. We follow the rules of data minimisation when handling your data. The VAT Act requires that we keep tax documents and records with details related to the provided selected services for 10 years from the end of the taxation period, in which the supply was provided.

In addition to the archiving rules, we keep most data for a longer period of time with respect to our duty of care and due diligence, especially in the case we would have to submit evidence in court or administrative proceedings.

The data we process with your consent are used for the period of time the consent has been fully granted for.

The provision of data that you provide to use with consent is voluntary. We request the provision of other data as their processing is necessary for the fulfilment of the contract, of our legal obligations, or for the protection of our legitimate interests. You can withdraw your consent at any time. If we ask for your personal data, you are required to provide them, usually it is identification data that we need to conclude and fulfil the contract.

We process data we have obtained from you, as well as data from publicly available resources and registers, and third-party data.

We only disclose personal data to third parties in the case it is required by law, when we are required to disclose your data to various government and international authorities, always under the legal terms and conditions.

You have the following rights:

You have the right to access your data, to an explanation, to data transmission, as well as other rights if you believe that the processing is wrong. You have the right to object to personal data processing. You may also file a complaint with the Data Protection Agency.

We have the right to request a reasonable fee for your request or to reject it, if your request is evidently unjustified or unreasonable. You may exercise your rights by e-mail with your electronic signature, or send a written request with your officially certified signature.  The submitted requests have to include your identification data, such as the birth certificate number or date of birth.  We will reply to your request in writing.

You have the right to demand a confirmation of whether or not we process personal data that concern you and to obtain an overview of such data. You may also ask about the purpose of personal data processing, categories, planned archiving period, what source the data comes from and who we share it with, your rights to correct, erase the data, limitations of processing, the option to raise an objection with us or to file a complaint with the supervisory authority. We may ask you for clarification of the data or type of information you are interested in.

If your data needs to be corrected, we will be happy to do so on your request.

You have the right to erasure of your data in the following cases:

  • We no longer need the data for the purpose we collected for
  • We process data on the basis of your consent that you have withdrawn and we cannot process such data based on another legal reason
  • You have raised an objection to processing on the basis of a legitimate interest or public interest, or for the purpose of direct marketing
  • Processing is illegal
  • We have to fulfil our legal obligation by the erasure
  • We have collected the data with an offer of services of an information company based on child’s consent

We cannot erase data:

  • To fulfil a legal obligation or act performed in the public interest
  • For archiving purposes in the public interest, or for historical or scientific research, provided that it is not possible to provide the right to erasure based on such grounds
  • To secure and enforce legal claims
  • For another purpose that is compatible with the original purpose.

You may also restrict personal data processing:

  • If you exercise the right to correction, for a period of time until the accuracy of the data has been verified
  • Processing is illegal
  • We do not need such personal data for the corresponding purposes but you demand them to secure and enforce legal claims
  • If you raise an objection against processing based on our legitimate interests or public interests, for a period of time until the data have been verified

And when you do not agree with our right to process your personal data? Then you can raise an objection.

  • On the basis of reported legitimate interests or public acts or activities, we will no longer process your personal data unless we prove that there are serious legitimate reasons for processing that outweigh your rights and freedoms, or for securing and enforcing our legal claims
  • For the purpose of scientific and historical research, or for statistical purposes.

If you would like to get your data or transfer them somewhere else, you have the right to do so and to submit your data to another data controller under the following terms and conditions:

  • The personal data concern you and have been provided to use by you
  • Processing is based on consent or for the purpose of a contract
  • Processing is done automatically.

We will provide the data in a structured machine-readable format. If possible and provided that you request it, we will submit your data to your data controller. However, we are not required to submit the data when they are processed for a public legal act, or when it could affect the rights and freedoms of other persons in an adverse way.

You may withdraw your consent at any time, if you wish to do so. The withdrawal of the consent does not apply to the time period for which the consent was granted.

The Buyer agrees with processing of the following personal data: name and surname, place of residence, electronic mail address, telephone number. The Buyer agrees that the personal data shall be provided in an accurate and true manner and that the Buyer shall notify the Seller of any changes in the data without unreasonable delay. The Buyer agrees that the personal data shall be processed for an indefinite period. The Buyer also expressly confirms that the provided personal data are accurate and complete and that the Buyer has been instructed that the provision of personal data is voluntary.

All and any data and information provided by the Buyer to the Seller are considered confidential.