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Fmask Silvernite® Supermicro Kids

Product code: en-sntfmask-s


Silver antibacterial mask with a filter

  • composition Silver, Microfiber and nano-membrane with a filtering effect of 95%
  • the nano-membrane protects the user from inhaling dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses and other particles
  • high antibacterial effects
  • tests according to EN ISO
  • maximum protection of the one wearing the mask and the surroundings
  • protection of facial skin from inhaled bacteria
  • high comfort when wearing
  • breathable – comfortable even in summer
  • protection of facial skin from inhaled bacteria
  • disinfected by pre-wash
  • can be reused when disinfecte
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Detailed Description

Special features

The mask contain 14% of pure silver. Silver is on the external side of the main microfiber yarn, the properties of microfiber make it a material of the future, it is pleasant on the face, soft, easily and multiple times washable. The bactericidal effects have been tested in an accredited laboratory in compliance with EN ISO 20743 – Klebsiella pneumoniae (3.39), Staphylococcus aureus (5.96). Antibacterial effect value > 3 = STRONG.

High antistatic properties. Surface resistivity under EN 1149-1 - 0.8 x 10^3 Ω. Tested in an accredited laboratory under EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018. For comparison – carbon 1.8 x 10^7 Ω, copper 1.3 x 10^7 Ω.

A double-layer fabric consisting of silver and microfiber and an additional filter layer – nano-membrane with a filtering effect of 95% (particles in the range 80-150 nm).

For reuse of the mask, disinfection is recommended in the following ways:

  1. Ironing - ironing at 110 ° for at least 30 seconds
  2. Hot air oven - Place in a preheating oven at 110 ° C for 7 minutes
  3. Disinfectant - Treat with disinfectant before reuse

About silver

  • Silver is a valuable noble metal with antimicrobial and antifungal properties that have been known for thousands of years.
  • Bactericidal properties of silver were used in Egypt, in ancient Indian medicine, at the times of the Roman Empire, and also in the Middle Ages.
  • Storing liquids in silver vessels, drinking from silver cups or throwing silver coins into milk, wine or water extended the durability of the liquids and kept them fresh for a longer period of time.
  • Storing food in silver vessels and using silver cutlery saved people from contracting plague, or the Black Death. It was obvious that pathogens causing the illness could not survive when silver was present. Thanks to the scientific development, the 19th century showed the presence of bacteria and the ability of silver to reduce the number of bacteria.
  • Silver is antiseptic that has an effect on all types of bacteria and yeast (fungi), the risk of resistence there is very low. In contrast, silver can suppress infection caused by bacteria that are resistant and do not respond to regular antibiotics. 
  • When not to use products containing silver? When you are sensitive or allergic to silver. Also, materials containing silver should be used on sites that perform X-rays, ultrasound or magnetic resonance.

more about silver

Sizes, usual stratification:

XS – children
S – junior
M – women (38-41)
L – men (42-45)


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