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Knitted Wool Beanie Hat - Ponytail Copper

Product code: cz-universal-HAT-hb SKU manufacturer: 8595091409099

Main advantages of woolen hats

  • Natural material without chemical treatment
  • Good moisture insulation
  • Hygroscopy - wool insulates well against the cold, even when wet
  • Warmth - dry heat
€ 22.35
€ 22.35 with VAT
€ 18.47

Detailed Description

Schoeller pure wool yarn used, from which these hats are made, meets the world’s strictest Swiss environmental standard bluesign.

more about wool

Suitable maintenance method

  • Wash the hat by hand by squeezing in a detergent bath at a maximum temperature of 30-40°C. 
  • After washing, rinse them several times in clean lukewarm water. 
  • Drain the hat gently by squeezing – without twisting. 
  • Spread the wet hat on a flat surface, carefully level them in their original shape, and allow them to dry slowly.
  • It is not recommended to wash the gloves in the washing machine, wool is sensitive to the temperature and washing programme used, the hat may become felted (high drum speed, long washing and rinsing time in the washing machine etc.), or they may shrink (the use of wrong temperature or washing time in the washing machine). We strongly recommend the above method of maintenance, hat that will be washed by other methods cannot be claimed.

Usual sizes: 

M – smaller women’s size
L – standard size


Gift package

We offer hat gift wrapped in an elegant white box under the modern Exquisiv brand.

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